What do we discern Quantum Hypnosis?


What is

Quantum Hypnosis?

The better way to answer is, what is understood by Quantum Hypnosis.

Hypnosis, done on a  Quantum Level,

the subtle level of reality.


the finest and rarest art existing.

Here at the MBrex International Institute of Hypnosis we provide to you the unique opportunity to use Quantum Hypnosis for your own gain, healing and growth.

Quantum Hypnosis allows to go beyond the subconscious.

Allows a conversation with your higher self.

Your higher self is your healer and your sorcerer.

Your higher self is your source.


You receive the extraordinary possibility to ask to your Higher Self all and any question regarding your past, present and future, events, relationships, emotions, experiences, work,…

You will receive the answer.

You will receive answers to all questions relevant to you right now, also your physical status. Instant healing takes place in these sessions.

You will get to know the most efficient way to improve any aspect of your life in this session

You will receive a clear instruction in what to do and what to implement in your positive future.

What do you want to know for yourself?
What do you want to resolve?

What do you want to know about yourself?
What does your future hold?

You will receive all answers to all questions.

There are no Limits.