My name is Maja Brexel.

I have developed the unique technique of Quantum Animal Hypnosis.

I am…
Pleasantly different from everyone else.
This has been with me all my life.

I am…
a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Occupational Therapist with
worldwide recognition for over 20 years.

I practice …
Quantum Level Hypnosis.

I master the Art of Quantum Hypnosis and

have developed the the most rarest Hypnosis Technique existing.

I have developed the unique method of

Quantum Animal Hypnosis Technique.

With this I also developed the

Quantum Animal Healing Technique.

This allows me to talk to/tune/train/harmonize animals and

heal animals. Worldwide.

I am a source of wisdom, knowledge, skills and abilities.
People come to me who want to change their lives positively.
Changing means improving, taking away, adding, letting go or augment.

I make your life different.
It is important that you know what you want.

My work…

is my passion.

There are few people worldwide who practice
Hypnosis on a Quantum Level.
Quantum Hypnosis is recognized as the highest form of Hypnosis.

I am…

leading in the world of Quantum Hypnosis and my work
has brought Quantum Hypnosis to another Level.

Through my research I have

developed the important and unique Quantum Animal Hypnosis Technique

 that enables me to

speak and interact with animals at the Quantum Level.

My Quantum Animal Healing Technique I use for all  animals and have set up

MBIFA – The MBrex International Foundation for animals,

my own Foundation for Animals.

When I should describe myself with 3 adjectives, happy, loving and experimental
are the ones I call.

What is close to my heart …
The well-being of every individual and the collective consciousness.

I am the person you want to meet in your life.

My clients understand the power of Hypnosis and see me, to change their life’s

to more success in any aspect.



Animals, pets, dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles, birds, horses, camels, Wildlife or exotic animals on land, in the water or in the air.

Owner, breeder, handler, trainer, rider, carer and veterinarians,

zoos, refuges, aquaparks and other institutions

contact me to change the animals unwanted habits and behaviours, to resolve breeding issues, to find out about the physical status, about any illnesses, to resolve emotional issues, to  harmonize, to train  the animal. to optimize the food and

to enhance their performance.

My Quantum Animal Hypnosis Technique


Animals, pets, dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles, birds, horses, camels, marine life, wildlife or exotic animals on land, in the water or in the air.


I am the founder and CEO of

MBrex International.

MBrex International

changes lifes.



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