Quantum Higher Self Hypnosis


A conversation with your Higher Self.

The Higher Self is that part of you, that has always been with you, all your lifetimes, from ones beginning and recoreded and re-collect absolut everything that you have ever been and experienced.

Your Higher Self knows absolutly everything about you.

Through my Quantum Hypnosis you have now the extraordinary possibility to have conversation with your Higher Self.

The all knowing part of you.

The Higher Self knows everything there is to know about you and about the life you are living right now.

Imagine, NOW you can ask someone everything and anything about you.


Your Higher Self provides you with the right amount of information that is important for you to know at that moment. It also helps us to find answers to any questions you have ever asked yourself.

Why you have certain problems?

Why do I have certain physical issues?

Why am I here?

Whats my Life purpose?

Am I on the right path?

Your Higher Self will choose to share information that is appropriate for you right now, and will give information that will benefit you.

Read here a client testimonial:

I was very excited to have my Quantum Hypnosis with Maja Brexel. I did not even think that someone can hypnotize me at all. Maja came highly recommended. I was absolutely asthonished, how incredible the session went.

I was asked to send my questions to my Higher Self beforehand and all were spoken over at the day of the session. Maja made me feel safe and calm and it was an amazing experience to be in Hypnosis.

During the session all my questions were answered by my Higher Self. It was an unforgettable experience and I benefited greatly, immediatly and since then, every single day.  Now I recommend this Higher Self Quantum Hypnosis and would do it myself all over again. With kind regards, Samantha Burton

The Healing part:
The Higher Self has the ability to identify a problem within the YOU and can explain the cause.

Your Higher Self has the unlimited knowledge and has the unlimited ability to heal the physical body.

Healing can take place on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It will be instantaneously, no medication, no pain, no surgery.



Quantum Hypnosis is the most powerful tool and now you can book your session.

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